Feel electrical stimulation that helps you grow muscles, not just simple massage.


(Electronic stimulation provided by exoRehab is electric stimulation for specialized rehabilitation used in medical institutions.)

exoRehab is a smart knee health management solution that helps you manage your knee health steadily and accurately, regardless of time and space.

From now,

start precise and efficient knee health care

with exoRehab

anytime, anywhere

The key to improving and maintaining knee health is

doing steadily and accurately

However, to be enthusiastic about rehab and exercise,

The distance to the hospital is too far for patients and elderly people

It is difficult for user to do it at home in an accurate way

It's hard to know my exact condition until I go to the hospital.

We solved these problems

for efficient and successful knee health care

 We solved those problem

for efficient and successful knee management 

Manage user health data through the cloud.

Analyze the collected exercise performance and musculoskeletal data to provide objective information and data base health management.

You can see what you're doing and how you're progressing on the monitoring web page

It's convenient to be able to manage various user rehabilitation activities online at once.

You can use rehabilitation-related functions that treated in medical institutions in the same way on the exoRehab.

Exercise program created by collaboration

with medical staff

It is equipped with an exercise program created in collaboration

with myoskeletal rehabilitation medical staff team.

Electrical stimulation inducing muscle growth

which used in medical institution

It provides the same electrical stimuli used by medical institutions

in an easy-to-use manner.

Manage user health data in the cloud

It provides the ability to measure the range of knee joints and

measure muscles, so you can measure your health quantitatively.

It measures the user's health information and

provides personalized exercise.

After measuring the range within which a user's muscle strength or joint can move, the most efficient muscle-strengthening exercise is provided to individuals based on the measurement information.

We recommend

for these people

who feel that the existing low-frequency massage equipment is weak or lacking

who rehabilitates at home after being rehabally

Who wants to take care of my health while accurately grasping my muscle condition

who want to develop muscles effectively in parallel with exercise

a person with more than two family members suffering from musculoskeletal disease

who goes to a hospital far away from

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