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AI-based wearable healthcare solution

Management in daily life, return to daily life

Our Process 

01. Measurement

Electromyogram(EMG)-based Muscle Status Measurement

Real-time characteristic muscle data measurement with noice-cancellation via wearable device, exoPill.


02. Analysis

AI-powered EMG Data Analysis and Characteristics Extraction

Extraction of major muscle characteristics such as muscle fatigue, left & right balance based on the collected bio-signals.


03. Treatment

Functional Electrical Stimulation, FES

Adaptive electrical stimulation accustomed to your various skin & muscle status

AI-processed Muscle data

My Muscle Data,

Analyzed by AI

Our Artificial Intelligence(AI) systematically analyze the electromyogram(EMG) to extract indicators such as muscle fatigue and left & right balance to properly understand the user's muscular health status and set exercise goals.

EMG* signal based


Functional Electrical Stimulation

*Functional Electrical Stimulation

AI-based Muscular Bio-signal Analysis and Indicator Extraction

*Artificial Intelligence

Recover Your Muscle,

Recover Your Life


With exoPill, you can continously get electrotherapy(FES) and monitor your muscle status at home. Mobile system manages your exercise performance, pattern,
and time based on accumulated record and data processed by AI.

EMG* signal based


Functional Electrical Stimulation

Personalized Solution

Personalized Muscle Improvement Program

We provide optimized personal muscle improvement solution based on AI-powered biomarker technology to quantitatively and accurately measure your muscle status and provide combinations of the electrotherapy and exercise programs appropriate for your muscle.

EMG* signal based


Functional Electrical Stimulation

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With exoPill, you can continously get electrotherapy(FES) and monitor your muscle status at home. 40 different rehabilitation exercises collaborated with medical specialists are available combined with personalized electrotherapy(FES) to maximize the treatment effect.

Cloud Database

User muscle anaylsis and usage record check with cloud-based data

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Cloud Database Storage,

My Muscle Status Trend/Usage Record

  • One can check the usage record via our mobile and web application services.

  • In addition, muscle analysis and rehabilitation record of other users are available for medical personnel.

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