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AI-Powered Digital Biomarker

muscle functionality assessment

AI-Powered Digital Biomarker Technology of EXOSYSTEMS :

Unique AI technology of EXOSYSTEMS measures and assesses muscle biomarkers based on the electrical signals generated from muscle nerves.

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Technology overview_graphic.png
Technology overview_graphic.png
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Provides the AI-powered muscle biomarker measurement solution.

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Muscle Functionality Assessment

Neuromuscular ability assessment /
Consistency of muscle resistance

Muscle Aging Assessment

Sarcopenia / Muscle aging

Slow-twitch/fast-twitch Muscle Assessment

Ratio and size of slow-twitch /
fast-twitch muscle

AI-powered muscle-biosignal analysis produces intuitive muscle
health indicators deriven from various body parts of individuals.

AI Analysis Process

Process_tub image.png

Biosignal Measurement

Data Refinement

Data Analysis

Data Processing

Muscle realated digital biomarker measurement technology consists of models
that perform four types of measurement, purification, analysis, and processing.
It consists of an AI system that automatically separates muscle data,
which is composed of numerous signals, to ensure the quality of the data.

AI-powered digital biomarker based muscle assessment for healthy life.

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The wearable medical device with our proprietary technologies enables the user to periodically measure the muscle biosignal. Musculular health indicators and personalized healthcare services are provided based on the measured data analyzed by AI.

Virtuous Circle of Health


Wearable medical devices converts the measured muscle biosignal into accessible health indicators. Accumulated indicators are then become trackable via your mobile device(e.g. smartphone) in order to implement efficient muscle healthcare management.

Digital Healthcare

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