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AI M.S.K Healthcare Solution

Manage your muscle health based on your muscle data measured by the wearable exoRehab anytime, anywhere.

* This product is a medical device, read the precautions and usage carefully before use.

Best way to maintain your muscle especially joint health is to exercise continuously and punctually.

Obstacles to proper rehabilitation:

hospital staff

1. The diatance

It is too far for patients and elders to visit the hospital.

2. No-how

It is difficult to exercise alone by the book at home.

senior exercise classes

3. Lack of tools

Without the equipment in hospitals, health data of patients and elders are hard to specify

exoRehab solves the above for effective and successful muscle and joint care.

*Functional Electrical Stimulation
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You can follow rehabilitation process that hospitals provide at home.

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Exercise Program created with medical specialists

You can access our exercise program created in close cooperation with musculoskeletal medical specialists

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Provides personalized exercise forevery individuals based on their measured bio-signal.

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Before every exercise program starts, exoRehab measures power of muscles around and range of motion of the knee of the user to customize and provide personalized exercise suitable for the user's muscle improvement.

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A medical device exoRehab helps rehabilitation training for neurotic patients

Gait Training for Neurotic Patients

Supports training for the recovery of the neurotic patient's gait functionality

Functional training for the range of motion maintenance and improvement of joints of patients with spinal cord injury

Helps you to extend the range of motion of your desired body joint

Training for shoulder joint/bone subluxation treatment

Helps preventing and recovering the widening between shoulder and arm bones caused by the paralyzed muscles.

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Continuously check up your muscle analysis result and usage record stored in the cloud database.

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Cloud Data Storage, My Muscle Status Trend, Usage Record

  • Via web and app service, you can store your health data and browse anytime you want.

  • Check your usage data including your muscle status analysis and rehabilitation record.

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Package Contents

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